If You've Failed Miserably at Facebook Ads & 
Your Facebook Page Is DEAD
Yet You've Tried Every Strategy Out There . . .

There Is Hope!

Don't Throw In The Towel On Facebook Just Yet!

I have a solution! 

Facebook Made Simple Bloggers

Everyday, I hear about new or established bloggers who want to tap into using Facebook, to grow their blogging business and income, but they are STUCK. 

They’ve tried Facebook Ads to grow their list and promote their products, with no luck — and left feeling like they were just flushing money down the toilet.

Their Facebook Page is growing very slowly, not getting the engagement they hoped for, and they just wish they could jumpstart things.

Not to mention, all the algorithm changes on Facebook are, simply put, frustrating. 

Every Blogger I’ve spoken to just wants their fans to see their page in the feed, but right now that seems impossible.

And if you’re a smart-thinking, business-minded Blogger, you also want to leverage the power of paid advertising in the Facebook Platform to grow your list and income.

My Facebook Made Simple For Bloggers Course will teach you how to grow a highly engaged Facebook page; leverage the best strategies of Facebook Ads to grow your list and income; and reach more people with your message or ministry — so you can create another gathering place for your blog and community!

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Do you want to?

Because let’s face it, big brands only want to work with BIG, HIGHLY ENGAGED Facebook pages.

That could be YOU!

Facebook Made Simple For Bloggers is a 6-week fast-track course to help you leverage the Social Media Giant to grow your page, your email list, and your income.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Community Image (Facebook made Simple - Proverbs 31 Business Woman)

Exclusive, Lifetime Membership

Six-weeks of high-level audio and video training targeted specifically for the unique Facebook needs of Bloggers, for the life of the course.

Membership Image (Facebook made Simple - Proverbs 31 Business Woman)

Members-Only Community

A private community with all the resources, direct access to me, and forum to support and help one another.

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Weekly Live Q&As

I’ll be there to answer your questions every week and help support you through each module.

Incredible Value
For A Low
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It will NEVER be this low again!

(If you were given a discount code, please be sure to use it and save $50 off this special enrollment price!)

Facebook doesn't have to be so frustrating and overwhelming.

Imagine this…

Reaching more people with your message and ministry.

Creating a gathering place for your community who can’t wait to see and talk to you everyday!

Using Facebook to grow your email list of highly engaged “fan girls” who open your emails and are the first to buy your products and services.

Increasing your bottom line and bringing more income into your blogging business.

Having big brands knocking each other over to work with you and your blog!

(Yes! All of this is possible with your Facebook Page! The possibilities are endless!)

Wake Up Every Morning With New Fans, New Notifications, New Subscribers, & New Excitement For Your Blogging Business!

I have personally grown my email list from under 400 subscribers to over 40,000 subscribers in just 40 days!

(This includes both confirmed and unconfirmed subscribers. I prefer using the double opt-in method for a healthier list.) 

From August 2018 to September 2018, I added almost 9,000 people on my email list — these were ALL confirmed subscribers!

And Get This…

In one month alone, I was able to generate nearly $20,000  in sales — from a $5 product!

All by tapping into the power of using Facebook Ads  to build my list and income.

During that same time, I grew my Facebook Page from 10,000 Fans to just under 25,000 Fans!

They are highly targeted and highly engaged fans (aka my beloved avatar). And they absolutely LOVE hanging out with me on my page and growing together in community!

Honestly, I love having them there, too!

Check this out below!

This is COMPLETELY organic reach. 

No ads.
No boosting.
No “fake” fans.
Engagement Screenshot (Your Gifts Will Make Room For You.)

Do you see that reach?

3,450 people saw this post!

(And it’s growing!)

Engagement Screenshot (Quote Graphic)

My Motivational Quotes ALWAYS get good engagement!

This was only a few hours after posting.

Take a look at those likes, comments, and shares!

137 likes + 44 comments + 49 shares!

(This was Day 2 stats)

Let me show you how to beat the Facebook algorithm!

Getting your first (or next) 1,000 Facebook Fans is a HUGE GAME-CHANGER for you and your blogging business! 

Did you know for every 1,000 Facebook fans on your page, it shifts the algorithm in your favor?

The momentum for your blog promotions, marketing, and advertising efforts completely changes.

You’ll see more likes, shares, and comments, which equals more exposure, more people seeing your page, and guess what? MORE SUBSCRIBERS & SALES for your blogging business!

(Not to mention, getting into the good graces of those big brands you’ve been super eager to work with!)

Facebook Made Simple For Bloggers
Facebook Course For Serious Bloggers Who Want To Take Their Blogging Business To The Next Level!

Is this for you?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this course will get you on track to grow your Facebook page, your list, and your income, plus start making serious strides with your blogging business!

Who this course is NOT for:

I’m looking forward to working with diligent, focused, and faithful Bloggers, who have a growth mindset about life and want more for their blogging business!

Is that YOU?

Just imagine where you could be in the next 6-weeks, if you were able to grow your Facebook Page incrementally, add tons of your "most-perfect" avatar to your list daily, and increase your blogging income significantly.

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(If you were given a discount code, please be sure to use it and save $50 off this special enrollment price!)

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