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Are You A Woman Who Desires To Study Your Bible & Grow More Intimately With God?

Looking To Grow In Your Womanhood, Like The Proverbs 31 Woman? 

My Dearest SisterFriend, then this in-depth Proverbs 31 Woman Bible Study is just what you NEED!

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In this self-paced Bible study, you'll discover the traits of this Godly woman and learn how you can apply them to your own life.

You’re in for a LIFE-CHANGING time in the Word of God! (pinky promise.)

A picture of Proverbs 31 Bible Study Diverse Women by Angelica Duncan

Here's what you'll get inside this FREE Proverbs 31 Woman Bible Study:

  • Exclusive Study Video Lessons with in-depth scripture commentary, symbolism, and historical context, so you are armed with the rightly-divided Word of God, as you grow as a Disciple of Christ - POWERFUL!
  • Once and for all, develop a meaningful Bible study routine you can actually stick to without feeling like you're cheating on God. You'll be surprised just how fulfilling 15 minutes a day can feel when you're intentional about spending time with the Lover of your Soul.
  • You'll love my teaching on Day #2 where I talk about the real meaning of the word "virtuous." Christian women are SHOCKED when they learn this!
  • Walk in the transformative power of the Holy Spirit as He molds you, into the Godly Woman you were designed to be. This Bible study is sure to be the spiritual "pick-me-up" you've been craving...and it's doable in just 15 minutes a day!
A picture of the Proverbs 31 Woman devices mockup by angelica duncan
YES! Send My FREE Proverbs 31 Woman Bible Study!

Over 100,000 Christian women from around the world have already participated. They committed to digging into their Bibles and learning more about the Virtuous Woman.

The impact on their lives is unmistakable!

And I'm fully confident it's just the thing your heart's been craving.

Take a look at the personal and spiritual transformation happening daily with the women in our community...  

At the beginning of this study, I saw this AMAZING woman, as this Herculean figure that I could never see myself measuring up to.

I am a relatively "young" Christian and through this study have been able to see this "virtuous woman" in a more relatable manner, that I don't think I would've been able to see on my own.  

Through God's leadership and conviction during my participation in this study, I have been able to realize that I already possess and practice some of these traits. That while I do have room for improvement, I know that through his continued guidance and support of sisters and brothers in Christ, I CAN become the woman God has called me to be for his purposes, honor, and glory!

~ Jennifer, Proverbs 31 Woman Bible Study Participant

A headshot of Angelica Duncan

Hi there, I'm Angelica!

I equip women to go deeper into the Word, so they can go deeper into ministry.

I am passionate about women's discipleship + leadership which has biblical literacy at its foundation. It's crucial that you intentionally study the Bible for yourself, this way it can't be used as a weapon against you, but instead, a weapon for you.

The Word as a weapon in the hands of a Biblically educated woman is a dangerous threat to the enemy!

My deepest hope is that you know Him so deeply and intimately that you can dance with the King!

It would be an honor to have you join me and 100,000+ women from across the globe in this impactful Bible study.

Imagine having an intentional way to deepen your understanding of scripture without feeling intimidated by the enormity of this larger-than-life woman...

...Instead, I'm showing you a biblical model of womanhood, so you can learn how to fully flesh out these Godly, virtuous character traits, in your own life.

Don't waste another minute...'s time to finally step up and be the Virtuous Woman God's called you to be.

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